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Our practice offers a wide scope of periodontal services to patients that are suffering from gum disease. A visit to our practice will mean that your oral structures, gums, and teeth will be carefully examined by our experienced team, to determine the magnitude of your periodontal issues, and we can then design a bespoke treatment plan, which is based around your personal needs so you can start to regain your oral health. We invite you to get in touch with us to schedule a consultation and learn more about what a periodontist can do for you.

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The Importance of Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment will focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gum or periodontal disease to improve your overall gum health. Periodontal or gum disease consists of an infection caused by the bacteria that is found in plaque buildup. This bacteria will inflame and irritate the gum tissues, causing gingivitis, which is the initial stage of gum disease. If this is not treated, then it can turn into a more advanced and severe case of gum disease, called periodontitis.

The most common symptoms of gingivitis are swollen, bleeding, tender, and red gums. Periodontitis has all these symptoms along with gum recession and bone loss around the teeth. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, we are pleased to offer high-quality periodontal treatment, so your mouth can retain its healthy smile.

Local Periodontist in Newport Beach California Periodontal Treatment

How Do I Find A Periodontist Near Me?

You can find a periodontist near you in several ways. You may get a recommendation from your general hygienist or dentist if they find any signs of gum disease during a regular dental appointment. However, you can also choose one on your own, as we do not require a referral.

We urge you to contact our periodontal office if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

● Bleeding while eating normal foods or brushing your teeth. This is the most common sign of gingivitis or periodontal infection.

● Ongoing bad breath, which persists even though you are rigorously brushing and flossing your teeth.

● Gum recession or loose teeth, which could mean that the bone around your teeth is receding due to periodontal disease.

Looking for a Dental Doctor Near Me?

There’s no need to look further, as our specialty is advanced periodontal care, which brings your smile to the healthiest it can be. Our practice has vast experience in assisting our patients with a wide array of procedures, including treating gum recession, placing dental implants, removing infected or decayed teeth, and deep cleanings, which will enhance your oral health beyond regular brushing and flossing.

Contact our office today, so you can learn more about our experienced gum doctor and see how we can assist in improving your oral and dental health.

An Experienced Gum Doctor Improves your Oral Health

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, we may recommend osseous or gum surgery. In order to prevent gum disease from spreading further, we strive to reduce the size of the pockets forming between your gums and teeth. For some patients, deep cleaning isn’t enough to reduce the pocket size, so osseous surgery can be a viable option. This procedure will reshape and smooth damaged bone, along with creating a shallower pocket, which makes it easier to keep clean and harder for bacteria to survive.

Periodontist Near Me Newport Beach California Dental Doctor

Do You Need a Dental Specialist Near Me?

We can help! Our practice has a dental specialist that you need. The whole team is dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality dental procedures, including periodontics, which covers implant treatments and gum disease. We are dedicated to using only the latest methods, and our goal is to give your natural teeth the best outcome in the long term.

Why a Specialist in Gums is Vital to Your Oral Health

Keeping your gums healthy is vital to good oral hygiene and dental care, which is why preventing bone loss and bleeding gums is what our specialist in gums is dedicated to doing. We offer a broad range of treatment for your gums in our Newport Beach, CA office, so contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep your smile bright and healthy.

Is There a Periodontal Dentist Near Me?

If you are looking for a periodontal dentist near me, you’ve come to the right place. Our periodontal dentists specialize in gum and periodontal disease and how to prevent, diagnose, and treat it, so it doesn’t affect your overall health. Our team will first examine your gums, checking for any recession. They will then evaluate your bite and check for any loose teeth. Finally, they will determine if there are any periodontal pockets or spaces between your teeth and gums, which will let them know the current state of your gums.

Our practice is able to treat a variety of cases, ranging from gingivitis to periodontitis. We also offer a broad range of treatments, such as regenerative procedures, cosmetic procedures, root surface debridement (where they remove damaged tissue), and root planing and scaling (cleaning the infected surface of the root).

Benefits of a Periodontal Dentist

A periodontal dentist specializes in the placement of dental implants, along with the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of gum disease, and the treatment of oral inflammation. Our team consists of professionals who receive extensive training, so they know the latest cosmetic periodontal procedures, along with the most up-to-date techniques for treating and diagnosing gum disease with the most advanced technology to provide you with excellent dental care.

Our practice is able to treat even the most problematic periodontal disease cases, such as patients with a more complicated medical history or severe gum disease. We offer a broad range of treatments for periodontitis using a variety of surgical procedures.

RE: Local Periodontist in Newport Beach, California Periodontal Treatment

Comprehensive Periodontal Services

Maintaining good oral hygiene enhances the beauty of your smile, along with improving your oral health. Having good oral health includes healthy gums, though studies have shown that a majority of adults residing in the United States suffer from some sort of gum disease. Therefore, you must take advantage of our comprehensive periodontal services by booking an appointment, to address any oral issues including gum and periodontal disease.

Qualified and Experienced Gum Specialist Near Me

Unfortunately, the vast majority of adults living in the United States will suffer from either gingivitis or periodontitis at some point in their lives. That is why our practice is proud to offer comprehensive treatment solutions for gum disease treatment solutions for patients of all ages. If you are interested in restoring your oral health via a qualified and experienced gum specialist near you, contact us for an appointment today.

Looking for the Best Periodontist Near Me?

Our practice is home to the best periodontist near you, with years of experience and practice. We are here to help people from all walks of life and all ages, providing them with an outstanding team of professionals and the latest techniques.

Qualified and Skilled Periodontist Specialist Near Me

Our practice provides our patients with a broad range of minimally invasive surgical procedures, and our qualified and skilled periodontist specialist near you takes pride in the fact that we always seek the best treatment options for our patients without necessarily opting for surgery as the first choice.

How to Find a Periodontist In My Area?

If you are wondering how to find a periodontist doctor in my area, wonder no more. Our practice believes that investing in your smile means investing in your future, and we strive to deliver the best quality dental care in the field of dental implants and periodontics. Our team takes pride in advising our patients on how to improve and maintain oral health in our patient-centered practice.

Professional Gum Specialist Dentist

As a gum specialist dentist, gums are the primary area of our specialty. Your gums are not protected by enamel like your teeth, so they are more prone to have remains of plaque, food, and bacteria, causing them to suffer from gum recession, gum and periodontal disease, inflammation, or gingivitis. If you are suffering from gum recession or any gum issues, you may experience a greater risk of cavities, sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food, pain, and loose teeth. Therefore, make sure you contact us today so we can take care of your smile!

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