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We understand how much a shining and bright smile can boost your day and your self-esteem. Our practice offers professional teeth whitening that is guaranteed to give you a movie star glowing smile which you can be proud of.

We offer several options for teeth whitening, all of which will yield fantastic results while being completely safe for your teeth. There’s no need to take chances with over the counter or grocery store teeth whitening kits, teeth whiteners, or bleaching agents to whiten your teeth at home, which can be ineffective. Contact us today for in-office whitening treatments guaranteed to work.

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Best Teeth Whitening Near Me in Newport Beach CA

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Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me in Newport Beach CA

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We Offer The Best Teeth Whitening Options

Whether you’ve been a coffee or tea drinker during most of your life, or have smoked heavily causing your teeth to turn yellow or are just looking for whiter and brighter teeth for a special occasion such as your wedding or other important life events, we can give you the best results with our teeth whitening experience. Our practice and our team use the most up to date whitening technology to give you the smile you deserve.

Our teeth whitening services are patient-friendly, provide dramatic results, are painless, affordable and fast, setting us apart from the rest.

Best Professional Teeth Whitening in Newport Bach California Dentist Whitening

What is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening includes the use of teeth whitening products and treatments performed by our highly trained office professionals, which safely remove stains and discoloration of your teeth. Upon your first consultation, you will be welcomed to our practice by our friendly dental hygienists, which will design your personal treatment plan after an examination, considering your schedule and the health of your teeth.

Our professional teeth whitening services include a variety of whitening solutions and whitening procedures, so we can meet the individual needs of all our patients, all which effectively and safely eliminate any stubborn stains that may be bothering you.

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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

You may be curious about how much does teeth whitening cost if you are looking to improve and brighten your smile. There are several routes that you can take towards a whiter and brighter smile depending on your situation, and all options will vary in affordability and price.

In order to meet the needs of our patients, we have a wide variety of options, so you can find the best whitening process for you, so you can be sure to find the appropriate teeth whitening process for you, which will fit your budget and give you the best results and a whiter smile.

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What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

The cost of teeth whitening isn’t set in stone, as it can vary depending on which teeth whitening method you choose, and which one we think best suits your needs. We work with all types of budgets, so we will provide you with a quote at the end of your initial consultation. This quote will be based upon your budget and your customized treatment plan for teeth whitening.

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Newport Beach California Teeth Whitening At Dentist

Professional Dentist Whitening Services Offer the Best Results

Various studies along with clinical research have proven that when performed by a dental professional, teeth whitening is a successful and safe way to cosmetically improve your smile’s appearance. Aging, medication, cigarettes, wine, tea, and coffee can discolor or stain your teeth, and make you want a brighter smile. Our team is dedicated to providing the best teeth whitening options to suit your individual needs with a variety of dentist whitening services.

How Much Does It Cost To Whiten Teeth?

If you are wondering how much does it cost to whiten teeth, the best option is to contact us, as the cost to whiten your teeth will very much depend on the type of tooth whitening option that you choose. Most in-office teeth whitening options can start at around $500, but this amount can vary depending on how severely stained your teeth are, and the number of office treatments required.

There are more affordable options which you can take home with you. These are trays which are custom fit to conform to the shape of your teeth, making sure that they are consistently whitened and minimizing any tissue irritation or tooth sensitivity risks.

Wondering How Much Does it Cost to Whiten Your Teeth?

Have you been wondering how much does it cost to whiten your teeth? There is no set price for teeth whitening services, as all patients have teeth whitening needs which are unique. We recommend that you contact us for an appointment, where we can examine your teeth and provide you with a quote of how much your teeth whitening would cost.

We Offer Professional Teeth Whitening Services

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today is teeth whitening services, as it is an effective, easy, and affordable way to improve the look of your teeth and smile. Our team is expert in brightening our patients’ smiles, and our aim is that you be completely satisfied with the results from our teeth whitening service. That is why we perform an extensive examination to determine what caused the staining or discoloration of your teeth before starting the whitening procedure. We will always work with you to decide what is your best teeth whitening option.

Achieve a Whiter Smile Through Teeth Whitening At Dentist

There are a lot of techniques and products available in today’s market for people that are looking to whiten their teeth and brighten their smile. You can purchase a lot of products at the supermarket, but your best option to achieve long-lasting results is teeth whitening with a dentist. Contact us to begin your teeth whitening journey, so we can guide you through all the available options and find out which one is right for you.

How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

If you have been thinking of teeth whitening, you have probably wondered how much does professional teeth whitening cost. While it is not possible to set an exact amount as teeth whitening options and office treatments vary between patients, we can guarantee that you will receive satisfactory results from our qualified dental team.

Quality and professional teeth whitening may seem expensive, but when you consider the cost of using multiple over-the-counter solutions over and over again and see no results, then professional services are the best long-term option. We can guarantee longer-lasting and better results, so contact us today for an appointment.

Considering Dental Teeth Whitening?

Have you been considering dental teeth whitening as a way to reinvigorate and brighten your smile tainted by stained teeth? One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures is professional teeth whitening. At-home products can be ineffective but our professional dental teeth whitening uses safe products and is done under carefully monitored conditions, allowing for a controlled and safe procedure, giving you immediate results.

Consider our Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

If you live in or near Newport Beach, CA, you can benefit from our cosmetic teeth whitening services. Our practice can improve the appearance of your smile. Our team consists of highly educated and trained dentists that can transform your smile with our teeth whitening services and be on your way to a healthy and beautiful smile.

How Much Is Teeth Whitening At Dentist?

In-office teeth whitening is one of the most hassle-free and cost-effective ways to enhance and improve your smile. Our practice is dedicated to creating outstanding smiles and improving the oral health of our patients. You can have whiter teeth in just a couple of hours when you visit our office and meet with our skilled dental team. If you are wondering how much is teeth whitening at dentist, contact us today for an appointment.

Is There a Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me?

You can change the color and appearance of your teeth with our non-invasive and simple cosmetic dentist treatments. Located in a convenient location in Newport Beach near Fashion Island, there is a teeth whitening dentist near me, which uses comfortable and safe procedures, providing you with long-lasting results.

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